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I'm Dirk van der Werff, a professional photographer now for over 30 years. I have a passion for photography - and a passion for weddings - the perfect match!
It's the hardest thing in the world choosing a wedding photographer ..... that's why I'm here, to help you choose.
When I was married 28 years ago, weddings were a whole different ball game.


Aimee and Matthew at Lumley Castle

Rachel and Kevin at Wynyard Hall

Anna and Warren at Matfen Hall

Nicola and Simon at Jesmond Dene House

Parents paid for the wedding and generally, everyone who ever slightly knew you was invited to YOUR wedding, even if you hardly had a memory of them!
Nowadays, thank goodness, it's a celebration, more than 'just' a wedding. Couples get engaged and decide to make plans to marry
at a much more mature age, late 20's or early thirties, often after a university education. You have your own careers, you have your own home, you arrange and book your own holidays ... so you want to have the wedding YOU want to have - and often you both pay towards it as well! You can invite the people YOU really want to invite. Your closest and best freinds and your nearest and dearest relatives - and, hopefully, me!
Some couples are naturals in front of the camera.
Most are not.
So you need to feel confident in your wedding photographer, and I will build that confidence with you, hopefully, through my website pages and my BLOG entries of the most recent weddings I cover, you will get a feel for my skills as a photographer, of my passion for YOUR wedding and for my love of photography and people.
I'm a people person, and in my career in magazines and newspapers before I set up my own business in 2003 I photographed and mixed with royalty, celebrities, top rockstars as well as the general public, children and all sorts of family occassions.
I'm amiable, I'm nice. I smile a lot, and I'm very good with people. I won't be bullying anyone, I won't be shouting at anyone, NOTHING is a problem and I ALWAYS remember that it's YOUR day, not the photographer's!
I'm available to meet you anytime, day, night, weekend, just give me a ring on my personal mobile, 0778 7150966. If we can meet at your chosen venue for coffee - that will be fine, otherwise I'll come to your home, and if you would like your parents to meet with me too that's fine.
I cover weddings all across the north of England, but often travel elsewhere in Great Britain, and more and more brides want to take their chosen photographers on their destination weddings across Europe and further afield. If that's what you would like, no problem!
I have limited dates available to cover weddings as most of my weddings from first meeting until the handover of an album take about 30 hours, or four to five 'normal' days work. That's to keep me fresh - and enthusiastic, so that you're NOT just ANOTHER bride. I come to your wedding still keen and enthusiastic.
90% of your photographs are going to be natural and spontaneous.
There's no surprises, I'm there for you as well as for your parents and you can just get on and have a fantastic wedding, confident that I will capture all the fun and the ambiance and the details so that when you come back from your honeymoon you have a wonderful, relaxed record of the biggest day of your life!
Ring me on 0778 7150966, or


Nicola and Jonathan during their wedding in Durham


Helen and Daniel at Wynyard Hall

Dominique and Shaun at The Morritt

Jenna and Darren at Redworth Hall

Kirsty and Andrew at Tynemouth Grand

Gill and Tim during their wedding at Bowes Museum


Annmarie and Joseph at Staincliffe Hotel

Victoria and Jonathan at Wynyard Hall

Claire and Andrew at Rockliffe Hall

Karen and Gavin at Crathorne Hall

Amira and David during their 2013 wedding at Hartlepool Historic Quayside and at home in a marquee

Joanne and Tony at Hall Garth Golf Club

Becky and Jonna at Shotton Hall


Rachel and Adrian at Judges

Joanne and Alan at Judges Hotel

Rene and Alison at Wynyard Golf Club

Ellie and Steve at Moorsholm

Special shoes at Amira's wedding


Victoria and Simon at Wynyard Golf Club

Angie and Michael at Judges

Gaynor and Steve in Hitchin

Caroline and Stephen at Wynyard Hall

Rohini and Ricky at The Marriott Hotel in Gosforth


Sally and Andy at Bath Spa Hotel

Nikki at Guyzance Hall

Alison at Feversham Arms Helmsley

Kate at The Crab and Lobster

Kirsty at Wynyard Hall

Nikki at Guyzance Hall

Amanda at Headlam Hall

Jennifer at Tynemouth

Cate and Chris during their wedding at Matfen Hall in Northumberland


Stephanie at Rockliffe Hall

Elizabeth at Wynyard Hall

Aimee heads downstairs to her wedding to Matthew at Lumley Castle


Catherine and her bridesmaids having fun at Crathorne Hall during her celebrations with Chris


Crathorne Hall

Headlam Hall

Wynyard Hall

Matfen Hall

Langley Castle

Crab & Lobster


Seaham Hall

Ellingham Hall

Beamish Hall

Redworth Hall

Judges Yarm

Slaley Hall

Rockliffe Hall




North Yorkshire


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