Ulysses Pirat Mobile - B004Z026GC

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Ulysses Pirat Mobile - B004Z026GC

Ulysses Pirat Mobile - B004Z026GC
Product Code: B004Z026GC
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  • A classic wooden mobile,

  • Easy assemble

  • Lots for your child to look at and focus on with this delicate pirate mobile.

  • Decorated in a bright and colourful pirate ship and cordinating character design

  • The perfect gift for a little boys room.

  • This wonderful mobile comes in a pirate design, it has a pirate ship for the top and characters such as a parrot, treasure chest, octopus and more hanging from 5 points. Bold in colour this mobile will both entertain your child and brighten their room. Ulysses also sell a wind up mechanism so that you can make your wonderful mobile musical. Discover the wonderful world of 'Ulysse colours of childhood' with these quality made wooden products.

    Box Contains

    1 x pirat mobile

    Ulysses Pirat Mobile - B004Z026GC

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