Science Wiz Inventions - B01GK1YHO2
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Science Wiz Inventions - B01GK1YHO2

Science Wiz Inventions - B01GK1YHO2
Science Wiz Inventions - B01GK1YHO2 Science Wiz Inventions - B01GK1YHO2 Science Wiz Inventions - B01GK1YHO2
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  • Build a motor, a telegraph, a light-flashing generator and a real radio with this award winning kit

  • Step-by-step 3D directions and the use of everyday materials brings clarity to how things work

  • Includes a 48 page book and materials for your creations

  • The animations that compliment the book on the ScienceWiz website deepen and extend comprehension.

  • For ages 8 to 80 - everyone will enjoy this great kit

  • With Inventions, discover the "why" as well as the "how" common electronic components work through the use of everyday materials. Each project contributes to the understanding of how things work. The book has beautiful step-by-step, highly visual instructions and child appropriate materials, included in this kit, encourage independent learning through play, and lead a child successfully through each invention. Requires one D-cell battery (not included)

    Discover more about Inventions by entering the ScienceWiz Web Portal. Extend your understanding with delightful animations that show how the electronic components used in the Inventions kit work. Watch video demonstrations uploaded by others who actually completed the Inventions projects. Explore links to additional information that will amuse, astonish and enrich your knowledge while adding to the content in the Inventions book and kit.

    Science Wiz Inventions - B01GK1YHO2

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